Integrated Training

Integrated Training

Provides unemployed or marginally employed individuals with occupation-related skills, essential skills, work experience, and ESL training to get and keep a job in an in-demand occupation.

How it works

Alberta Labour is responsible for contract-based delivery of the Integrated Training program by third-party training providers. Advanced Education is responsible for tuition-based delivery of the Integrated Training program.

The Integrated Training program:

  • provides individuals with applied/hands-on learning experiences including one or more work experience placements, so that learning becomes more meaningful and relevant to them
  • supports the acquisition of competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviors)
  • forges close linkages between training providers and employers
  • builds a common understanding about the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors that individuals should master as a result of their learning experiences
  • addresses local labour market demand for occupational skills training

Who is eligible?

To qualify for this program, individuals must have 2 or more of the following:

  • a limited range of academic competencies and / or related credentials
  • a variety of barriers that have previously affected their schooling, learning opportunities, attachment to the labour market, and vocational skill development
  • foreign educational credentials that aren’t recognized in Canada by educational institutions, employers and / or professional licensing associations
  • insufficient English language skills to acquire employment in their field of training
  • requirement for employability and / or essential skills training

For more information, please refer to the Alberta Works Program Policy Manual

Modified: 2016-09-19
PID: 15537

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