Self-Employment Training

Self-Employment Training

This program supports unemployed and marginally employed individuals who have a viable business idea and require additional training to facilitate entry into self-employment.

How it works

The Self-Employment Training program facilitates entry into self-employment by offering individuals:

  • formal instruction
  • business plan development
  • one-to-one business counselling
  • coaching
  • guidance
  • follow-up during business plan implementation

The Training Provider may deliver formal instruction and provide counselling, coaching and guidance through classroom, or synchronous e-learning methods of delivery.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for this program, individuals must:

  • have a viable business concept for starting a new business or taking over an existing business where they didn’t have prior ownership
  • have the capital or access to capital needed to start and operate their business
  • have the personal attributes to be successful entrepreneurs (i.e. self-motivated, risk taker and perseverance, good organizational skills)
  • have the skills and knowledge of the products or services pertaining to their new business

Proposed Business Requirements

The individual’s proposed business must:

  • be suitable for public funding and not in conflict with or potential conflict with Alberta Labour’s policies
  • meet all applicable legislation and regulations (e.g. environmental requirements, historical requirements, noise by-laws, zoning requirements, etc.)
  • be registered and located in Alberta

The individual’s proposed business must not:

  • be in contravention of any law or at risk of such contravention
  • be based solely on commission

For more information, please refer to the Alberta Works Program Policy Manual.

Modified: 2016-07-12
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