Transition to Employment Services

Transition to Employment Services

This program provides comprehensive and individualized services that enable individuals who are close to the labour market to acquire workplace and occupation related skills that will facilitate their rapid attachment or re-attachment to the labour market.

How it works

Transition to Employment Services (TES) provides a variety of work-directed services which will lead to full time, paid employment.

There are three primary components in TES:

  1. Employment Placement and Supports
  2. Job Matching
  3. Unpaid Work Exposure

In addition, there are two supplementary support components:

  1. Short Courses
  2. Employment Readiness

Who is eligible?

Eligible Individuals

To be eligible to participate, an individual is required to undergo a Service Needs Determination Assessment to ensure that the following eligibility requirements have been satisfied:

  • Appropriate service(s) have been selected based on need
  • A realistic employment goal has been defined
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • The educational or pre-requisite skills needed have been identified, and/or
  • A plan has been established

Partnering Employers

Employers who express interest in participating in Transition to Employment Services and are willing to offer full-time employment opportunities are deemed to be partnering employers for the program.

The employer is expected to pay the typical wages for that position, benefits and WCB coverage, and to abide by all labour standards regulations.

For more information, please refer to the Alberta Works Program Policy Manual.

Modified: 2017-04-03
PID: 15532

Contact this service

Call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre:

1-877-644-9992 (toll-free)
780-644-9992 (Edmonton)