Mature Workers in Alberta

Mature Workers in Alberta

Alberta’s comprehensive labour force strategy, Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce, identified the need to work with industry, employers and labour groups to increase workforce retention and employment of mature workers.

The Government of Alberta, along with the Government of British Columbia, released a 2007 discussion document to support a public consultation. Since then further consultation took place with labour organizations, training providers, community groups, industry and government. In April 2011, an action plan was released detailing government actions to encourage the employment of mature workers. The action plan aligns with the Demographic Planning Commission Findings Report (December 2008) and the broader strategic policy directions set out in the Aging Population Policy Framework released by Seniors and Community Supports in November 2010.

Implementing the action plan will support increased labour force participation and choice for mature workers; help mitigate future skills and labour shortages; and minimize the loss of experience, corporate memory, leadership and mentorship that can occur in organizations when people retire.

This initiative involved the former departments of Employment and Immigration, Advanced Education and Technology, Seniors and Community Supports, Finance and Enterprise and Corporate Human Resources.

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