Labour Relations Legislation

Labour Relations Legislation

Alberta has legislation that covers labour relations in the province.

The Labour Relations Code covers most employers and unions, including health care and construction. Regulations supplement this legislation, including:

The following Acts govern labour relations for certain groups:

Modified: 2015-04-08
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Contact Mediation Services

310‑0000 followed by 780‑427‑8301 (toll free) 780‑427‑8301 in Edmonton

Who do I contact about...

  • Hours of work
  • Overtime
  • Maternity and parental leave
  • Termination
  • General holidays and general holiday pay

See Employment Standards for more information.

Visit the Alberta Labour Relations Board for more information about:

  • Certification and revocation of bargaining rights
  • Strikes and lockouts
  • Picketing
  • Prohibited practices
  • Duty of fair representation