OHS officers issue orders to get regulated parties to follow occupational health and safety legislation.

The OHS Act gives officers authority to issue orders. Orders require specific actions from a regulated party, in order for that party to be in compliance with OHS legislation.

Orders are documented on a contact report. The contact report identifies:

  • the section of legislation the order is issued under
  • officer observations
  • what a regulated party has to do to be compliant with legislation
  • the date compliance has to be achieved by

Appealing an order

You can appeal OHS orders and rulings, or the cancellation/suspension of a license or permit as a result of an investigation. Find out how to appeal an OHS Order.


What’s important to know

Contact reports must be posted at a work site until all orders in the contact report are complied.

Types of orders

Compliance orders
Compliance orders note an observed non-compliance, and require action to be in compliance by a specific date. In some circumstances, OHS may grant an extension for compliance.

Stop use orders
Officers have authority to stop use of equipment that’s observed to be unsafe, or that has the potential, in the officer’s opinion, to seriously injure workers. A stop use order is lifted when the requirements of the order are met.

Stop work orders
When an OHS officer observes that work is being carried out in a manner that is unhealthy or unsafe for workers, the officer may issue a stop work order. A stop work order requires that work is stopped immediately, and may apply to an entire work site, or to certain activities or areas of a work site. A stop work order is lifted when the requirements of the order are met.

10(1)(c) orders
This order allows officers to specify prime contractors, contractors or employers take measures the officer considers necessary to protect the health and safety of workers on a site.

Director’s orders
OHS directors have additional authorities over and above those of an OHS officer. These include but are not limited to:

  • stopping work on a project
  • requiring a prime contractor, contractor or employer to carry out regular work site inspections, as specified by the director

In case of any inconsistency between this information and the OHS Act, Regulation, Code, the legislation will always prevail.

Modified: 2016-01-19
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