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Ensures Alberta has a skilled workforce and safe, thriving workplaces to keep growing our economy.


In Focus

Minimum wage increases on October 1, 2016

On October 1 Alberta is taking another step towards a living wage for the 300,000 workers earning less than $15 per hour. The province’s general minimum wage increases by $1 to $12.20 per hour, and the liquor server rate is being dropped.

Innovation & Engagement grants

Non-profit and public sector organizations can get funding for OHS projects aimed at increasing awareness, knowledge and positive action.

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Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) Review

As part of the Government of Alberta’s review of agencies, boards and commissions, an independent panel will review the WCB system and make recommendations.

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Farm and Ranch Workplace Legislation Changes

The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act, will provide wage-earning farm and ranch employees with similar protection that exists in other provinces.

Need Help Finding a Job?

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