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Did you complete your education outside of Canada? IQAS helps people obtain recognition for education they received outside of Canada. An IQAS assessment certificate may help you get a job, get into school or become professionally licensed.

Looking for employment?
Many Alberta employers use IQAS assessments. If you are looking for general employment in Alberta, an IQAS Basic Assessment may help you gain access into the job market. Attaching a copy of your IQAS assessment certificate to your resume and job applications when you are job searching may help potential employers understand your educational credentials.

Thinking of going to school?
Some post secondary institutions require an IQAS assessment for admission. Determine which school you wish to attend and which program you are applying to and IQAS can advise you whether you need an IQAS assessment and if so, direct you to the correct type of assessment. Refer to list of educational institutions using IQAS.

Applying for a license in a professional occupation?
Some professional regulatory organizations use IQAS assessments as part of their licensing process. Refer to list of professional regulatory organizations using IQAS.

Getting Started

Application Kit

  • Application form
    Please complete the application form in its entirety and ensure that the reference number on the bottom right hand corner is the same for all pages and that a barcode has been generated on the top right hand corner of the application when it has been printed.
  • Documents:  IQAS requires a complete application package in order to process your assessment.  Please send us your original (or certified copies) diploma / degree certificate and all supporting documents such as transcripts / mark sheets for all years of study.  Please ensure that you have included all academic education credentials and translations with your application.  Your IQAS assessment will be completed based only on the documents submitted.
  • IQAS Application Process (As of July 2014, the processing time is approximately four months, time may vary based on the volume of applications that IQAS receives.)
  • Duplicate Certificate Request Form
    Please complete the duplicate certificate request form to request an additional copy of a previously issued IQAS certificate. Mail it or fax it to IQAS with the applicable payment.
  • Change of Address Form
    If your address changed before your IQAS assessment was completed, please fill out the change of address form to inform IQAS of your new address. Please mail or fax the form to the IQAS office.

If you are having difficulties opening the IQAS application form, or other PDF documents, please try one of the following actions:

  • open the application using a different browser, for example Internet Explorer, or
  • save the application on your computer and then open it using Acrobat Reader.


To ensure that your application form has been filled out correctly, please review the application form tutorial.

Additional Information

Please note: Effective April 1, IQAS assessments and other documents submitted by clients will no longer be delivered directly to their homes. Canada Post will now send clients Delivery Notice Cards letting them know their packages are available for pick up at their local post office. Packages will be kept for 15 business days. Clients are responsible for collecting their packages on time and showing proper identification. The new process will increase the security of client document delivery.

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Modified: 2014-08-01
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