OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 19 Powered Mobile Equipment

Section 260 Inspection and maintenance

Subsections 260 (1) and 260(2)

Powered mobile equipment must be inspected according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Inspection intervals and what should be inspected are usually described in the specifications. Only competent persons are allowed to perform the inspection activities.

Subsection 260(3)

If an inspection reveals a defect or unsafe condition that could create a hazard to a worker(s), the powered mobile equipment should be immediately removed from service and, if appropriate, measures put in place to protect worker(s). Once this has been done, and if appropriate, the equipment can continue to be operated until the problem is corrected. For example, if the back-up alarm of a dump truck stops working, the truck can continue to be operated if another worker acts as a look-out during all backing-up activities.

Section 260(4)

If the powered mobile equipment is potentially hazardous but can be operated safely, the employer must make sure that the operator is aware of the potential hazard. The employer must also ensure that the defect or condition is repaired as soon as reasonably practicable. The defect or condition may worsen over time, posing an increased danger of injury to workers.

Subsection 260(5)

Records of the inspections and maintenance performed on powered mobile equipment must be kept at the work site. These records must be available to the equipment operator so that the operator is aware of the equipment’s condition.