OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 19 Powered Mobile Equipment

Section 264 Lights

If earthmoving construction machinery is operated during “hours of darkness” as defined in the OHS Code and described in this section, it must be equipped with lights that comply with SAE Standard J1029 (2007), Lighting and Marking of Construction, Earthmoving Machinery. The lights must illuminate the direction of travel, the working area around the equipment, and control panel instruments.

SAE Standard J1029 (2007) specifies requirements for lighting and marking earthmoving construction machinery. At least two headlamps are required for lighting the area directly ahead of the machine when operated in its normal direction of travel. Minimum lighting levels are specified for these headlamps.

For rear lighting, machines must have two tail lamps and two stop lamps. The performance of these lamps is specified through other referenced SAE standards. The Standard requires two red reflectors on the back of the machine, as low in height as practical and spaced as far apart from the centerline of the machine as practical. Rubber tired machines more than 6 m long require yellow reflectors on each side of the machine. These reflectors must be placed as low as practical and as far forward and rearward as practical.

The Standard also recommends flood lamps for general illumination of the work tool area of a machine. General service lamps are recommended for general illumination of areas a short distance from the machine.