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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 33 Explosives

Section 517 Seismic blasting and drilling

(1) This section applies to seismic blasting and drilling.

(2) Despite section 466, a worker may use an open flame to warm water on a seismic drill if

(a) the flame is used by a worker under the direct supervision of a blaster or by a competent worker designated by the blaster,

(b) propane is the fuel source of the flame, and

(c) the propane compressed gas cylinder used has a regulator.

(3) Before a worker uses an open flame to warm water on a seismic drill, the blaster must ensure that

(a) all explosives not used in the particular seismic activity are returned to magazines on the drill rig,

(b) all magazines are closed and locked,

(c) the water tank, piping, or valve being heated and the flame end of the torch are at least 600 millimetres away form the closest magazine,

(d) all compressed gas cylinders are secured and at least 600 millimetres from the closed magazine,

(e) all combustible materials are removed from the vicinity of the magazines and the open flame, and

(f) a fire extinguisher is readily available to the worker.