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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 692 Self rescuers

An employer must

(a) provide or make available to each worker who goes underground, an approved self-contained self rescuer device, rated at a minimum of one hour,

(b) require that each worker be in possession of a self rescuer at all times when underground,

(c) ensure that each worker receives training in

(i) the proper procedures for use, donning and switch-over of the self rescuer during an emergency, and

(ii) the location of underground caches of additional self rescuers,

(d) ensure that each worker receives refresher training every three months in the subjects referred to in (c),

(e) ensure that a record of the training is maintained at the mine for at least three years and is available to an officer upon request, and

(f) store and strategically locate as many additional units as may be required by workers walking from the most distant working face to the defined emergency exit during a mine emergency.