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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 730 Gas inspections

(1) An underground coal mine manager must ensure that a mine official

(a) always carries an approved gas testing device for methane, carbon monoxide and oxygen when underground, and

(b) within four hours of each shift commencing work, inspects, with the device referred to in (a), that part of the mine being worked, or intended to be worked, and all related roadways.

(2) A mine official must inspect for gas at the working face of every work area, at the edge of the gob, in roof cavities and anywhere else that gas may accumulate.

(3) A mine official who makes the inspection must

(a) report to the mine manager on the conditions of the part of the mine, the roadways and the explosion barriers inspected for gas and ventilation, and

(b) enter and sign a detailed report of the inspection in a book kept at the mine for that purpose.

(4) An underground coal mine manager must ensure that a copy of the report is immediately posted at a conspicuous location at the mine or the entrance to the inspected part of the mine, or at a place designated by the underground coal mine manager.

(5) The report referred to in subsection (3)(b) must be examined and countersigned by the underground coal mine manager or designate at least once every day.