OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 10 Fire and Explosion Hazards

Section 174 Handling cylinders

(1) A worker must not insert or remove a compressed gas cylinder from a storage compartment by holding the valve or valve protection cap.

(2) A worker must put on and secure to the valve outlet the valve protection cap or plug provided by the manufacturer of a compressed gas cylinder if the cylinder is not secured and not connected to dispensing equipment.

(3) If a welding service vehicle is not in service for any reason, a worker must

(a) close compressed gas cylinder valves,

(b) remove regulators if they are not integral to the cylinder, and

(c) put on and secure the valve protection caps or plugs.

(4) A worker must shut off the cylinder valve and release the pressure in the hose if a compressed gas cylinder on a welding service vehicle is not in use or the vehicle is left unattended.