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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 40 Utility Workers – Electrical

Explanation of Rules Referenced from the ECUC, Second Edition

Rule 4-068 Duties of a qualified utility employee in charge

A qualified utility employee in charge must

(a) make sure all workers working under his or her direction are aware of the safety rules that apply to the work being done,
(b) keep all necessary documentation such as permits, job plans, hazard assessments, etc.,
(c) follow the communication requirements of the operating procedures,
(d) as far as reasonably possible, keep unauthorized workers away from hazardous areas, and
(e) prohibit the use of any tools or devices unsuited to the work – equipment must be properly rated, tested and certified as appropriate for the work being done.

There should always be a qualified utility employee in charge at a worksite where work is being done on energized equipment operating at 750 volts or greater e.g. foreman, sub-foreman, lead hand.