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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 1 Definitions and General Application

Section 1 Definitions


temporary” with respect to a structure, process, or action, means that it is not intended to last indefinitely;

temporary protective structure” means a structure or device designed to provide protection to workers in an excavation, tunnel or underground shaft from cave ins, collapses or sliding or rolling materials and includes shoring, bracing, piles, planking or cages;

temporary supporting structures” means falsework, forms, fly form deck panels, shoring, braces or cables that are used to support a structure temporarily or to stabilize materials or earthworks until they are self-supporting or their instability is otherwise overcome, and includes a thrustout materials landing platform;

total fall distance” means the vertical distance from the point at which a worker falls to the point where the fall stops after all personal fall arrest system components have extended;

total particulate” means airborne particulate collected and analyzed using NIOSH Method 0500 (Particulates Not Otherwise Regulated, Total);

tower crane” means a crane that

(a) is designed to incorporate a power driven drum and cable, a rope and a vertical mast or a tower and jib,

(b) is of the travelling, fixed, or climbing type, and

(c) is not used to lift people;

tower hoist” means a hoist

(a) with a tower that is an integral part of it or supports it,

(b) that travels between fixed guides, and

(c) that is not used to lift people;

travel restraint system” means a type of fall protection system, including guardrails or similar barriers, that prevents a worker from travelling to the edge of a structure or to a work position from which the worker could fall;

trench” means a long narrow dug out area of ground that is deeper than its width at the bottom;

tunnel” in Part 36 means an underground passage with an incline of less than 45 degrees from the horizontal;