OHS Code

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 1 Definitions and General Application

Section 1 Definitions


fall arresting device” means a part of a worker’s personal protective equipment that stops the worker’s fall and does not allow the worker to fall farther;

fall protection system” means

(a) a personal fall arrest system,

(b) a travel restraint system,

(c) fabric or netting panels intended for leading edge protection,

(d) a safety net,

(e) a control zone,

(f) use of procedures in place of fall protection equipment, or

(g) another system approved by a Director of Inspection;

fall restrict equipment” means a component of a fall restrict system that, when combined with other subcomponents and elements, allows the climber of a wood pole to remain at his or her work position with both hands free, and that performs a limited fall arrest function when the climber loses contact between his or her spurs and the pole;

fall restrict system” means a combination of a work positioning system and fall restrict equipment;

fibre” means a particulate material with

(a) a diameter equal to or less than 3 micrometres,

(b) a length equal to or more than 5 micrometres, and

(c) a length to diameter ratio equal to or more than 3 to 1;

first aid” means the immediate and temporary care given to an injured or ill person at a work site using available equipment, supplies, facilities or services, including treatment to sustain life, to prevent a condition from becoming worse or to promote recovery;

first aider” means an emergency first aider, standard first aider or advanced first aider designated by an employer to provide first aid to workers at a work site;

fixed ladder” means a ladder that is permanently fixed to a supporting structure in a vertical position or at an angle of not more than 15 degrees from vertical and does not lean back;

flammable liquid” means a liquid with

(a) a flash point below 37.8°C, and

(b) a vapour pressure of not more than 275.8 kilopascals (absolute), as determined by ASTM Standard D323-06, Standard Test Method for Vapour Pressure of Petroleum Products (Reid Method);

flammable substance” means

(a) a flammable gas or liquid,

(b) the vapour of a flammable or combustible liquid,

(c) dust that can create an explosive atmosphere when suspended in air in ignitable concentrations, or

(d) ignitable fibres;

flash point” means the minimum temperature at which a liquid in a container gives off vapour in sufficient concentration to form an ignitable mixture with air near the surface of the liquid, as determined by using the methods described in the Alberta Fire Code (1997);

fly form deck panel” means a temporary supporting structure used as a modular falsework that is intended to be, and capable of being, moved from floor to floor and re-used during a construction project;

free fall distance” means the vertical distance between the point from which a worker falls to the point at which deceleration begins because of the action of a personal fall arrest system;

fugitive emission” means a substance that leaks or escapes from process equipment, a container, emission control equipment or a product;

full body harness” means a body support consisting of connected straps designed to distribute force over at least the thighs, shoulders and pelvis to which a lanyard or lifeline or connecting component can be attached;