OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 615 Access to explosives

Subsection 615(1)

The employer is responsible for controlling access to blasting magazines and their contents. Common practice is that the blaster-in-charge is provided with a set of magazine keys by the employer. Control of the magazine keys and related access to storage magazines and their contents is then the responsibility of the blaster while on the mine site. When a blaster is away from the site, the magazine keys are expected to be stored in a secure location under the control of the employer. If an additional replacement blaster-in-charge has been appointed by the employer, the keys can be reassigned by the employer.

During routine loading and blasting activities, only the designated blaster or other workers under the direct supervision of the designated blaster can have access to a magazine and its contents.

Subsection 615(2)

The subsection reaffirms the employer’s responsibility for ensuring that only the authorized workers noted in subsection (1) have access to explosives. As a result, the employer must have control systems in place to ensure compliance with this section.

Accepted controls include defined policies and procedures that have been communicated to employees. These policies and procedures should be included in orientation packages, training and refresher training programs. The company should keep on file all documentation to support the communication and training.