OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 739 Portable detector

Portable combustible gas detectors are extremely sensitive devices and as such must be calibrated and operated to defined standards.

Subsection 739(1)

Due to the training and technical knowledge required of all users, a worker must not use such a device until he or she is authorized to do so by the underground coal mine manager. By not complying with this section, a non-authorized worker could inadvertently expose all mine workers to a major hazard.

Subsection 739(2)

To maintain appropriate control over the use of portable gas detectors, this section specifies that only the underground coal mine manager can authorize a worker to use the devices. The mine manager must first ensure that the authorized worker is “competent” according to the definition provided in Part 1.

Subsection 739(3)

This subsection requires a portable gas detector to be approved by an authorizing agency and meet criteria for certification for use in an underground coal mine.

Subsection 739(4)

Gas detectors can be misleading and pose a danger to workers if they are not regularly calibrated. This subsection requires calibration to the manufacturer’s specifications.