OHS Regulation

Published Date: October 01, 2013
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Part 3 Mining Operations and Mining Certificates

Section 32.2 Suspension and cancellation, etc. of mining certificates

(1) Subject to this section, a Director of Inspection may, by notice in writing, cancel a mining certificate or suspend it for the period specified in the notice if there is reason to believe that its holder

(a) has contravened the Act, the regulations or an adopted code,

(b) has otherwise used explosives, detonators or equipment in a manner that constitutes a hazard to the holder or other workers,

(c) is or was the holder of documentation referred to in section 32.1(2) and that documentation is suspended or cancelled,

(d) provided false information to a Director of Inspection or an officer, or

(e) has done or has failed to do anything that, in the Director’s opinion, warrants the cancellation or suspension.

(2) An officer may suspend a mining certificate for a period not exceeding 72 hours if any of the conditions in subsection (1) are met.

(3) A Director of Inspection may for any reason reassess the competency of the holder of a mining certificate or require any specified training to be undertaken, or both.

(4) A person who suspends or cancels a mining certificate shall give written reasons for the suspension or cancellation to the worker and the worker’s employer.

(5) The holder of a mining certificate shall surrender the certificate immediately to an officer on request if it is suspended or cancelled.