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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 36 Mining

Section 584 Parking brakes

Subsection 584(1)

This is a performance-based design parameter set for manufacturers. These minimum parking brake requirements address operations in which equipment is required to maneuver on a grade of up to 15 percent.

This requirement is consistent with section 7.5 of ISO Standard 3450: 1996, Earth-moving machinery – Braking systems of rubber-tyred machines – Systems and performance requirements and test procedures.

Subsection 584(2)

Parking brakes must be designed to remain fully operational and independent of fluctuations in air pressure within the system. Brake effectiveness must not be affected by the loss of apply pressure, temperature variations or dimensional changes of components due to expansion or contraction.

These fail-safe design requirements allow the vehicle to be parked safely while every other on-board system is shut off. Any modification to brake components must not compromise their effectiveness.