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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 41 Work Requiring Rope Access

Section 807 Exemption

In situations such as window washing, a worker can use a fall protection system that complies with Part 9, or can use an industrial rope access system that complies with Part 41 (including all its training requirements). It must be one or the other, not a combination of the requirements from the two Parts.

Self-progression is a key concept that differentiates and distinguishes occupational rope access work from work to which industrial fall protection techniques apply i.e. Part 9. Part 41 does not apply to systems that are used for descent purposes only, or to systems in which the worker is raised or lowered by others. In these cases, the industrial fall protection systems required by Part 9 should be used.

This section makes it clear that if a worker uses a traditional industrial-type fall protection system that meets the requirements of Part 9, then the requirements of Part 41 do not apply to that worker.