OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 33 Explosives Safety

Section 515 Avalanche control

Subsection 515(1)

The special needs of avalanche control have resulted in the inclusion of separate, specific requirements in the OHS Code. Unless stated otherwise, all other requirements of the OHS Code also apply to avalanche control activities.

Subsections 515(2) and 515(3)

The Canadian Avalanche Association has demonstrated that the pre-priming of explosive charges and their subsequent careful transport is a safe practice for avalanche control purposes. Hand deployment of charges takes place from helicopters, with avalaunchers, during cornice blasting and along long and narrow ridgelines under conditions that can make on-site priming difficult and dangerous.

Subsection 515(4)

This requirement is intended to prevent primed charges and lighters from coming together and detonating unintentionally. It is a safety precaution required because the charges are pre-primed.

Subsection 515(5)

Because of the difficult circumstances and conditions under which avalanche control can take place (poor weather, from a helicopter, etc.), added safety precautions are required.