OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 5 Confined Spaces

Section 46 Training

Subsection 46(1)

All workers who work within confined or restricted spaces and all workers with related duties e.g. rescue workers and tending workers or “safety watch” personnel, must receive training specific to confined or restricted spaces. Every worker who works in a confined or restricted space must be able to recognize the hazards of working in the space and safely perform assigned duties. The rescue portion of this training may be part of a company or operation-wide emergency preparedness and response plan.

Training on its own does not ensure that a worker is competent to safely perform work. In addition to training, a worker must be adequately qualified and experienced to work safely. In cases where a worker is new to the job and does not have sufficient experience, the worker must be teamed up with and work under the direct supervision of a competent worker.

Subsection 46(2)

Records of confined or restricted space training must be retained for as long as the worker in question is expected to perform work within confined or restricted spaces. If a worker changes responsibilities and no longer enters confined or restricted spaces as part of his or her work, the confined or restricted space training records for that worker are no longer required.

Subsection 46(3)

Whatever the combination of personnel responding to an emergency, all of the skills listed must be represented among the members of the rescue team. The required skills can be held by only one member of the rescue team, or shared among as many members as is necessary.