OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 34 Forestry

Section 524 Logging trucks

Subsection 524(1)


Subsection 524(2)


Subsection 524(3)

Instead of complying with the manufacturer’s specifications requirements of section 12 of the OHS Code, logging trucks that exceed their manufacturer-specified load weights can be operated if

(a) a written hazard assessment meeting the requirements of Part 2 has been completed, and
(b) controls that ensure safe operation of the logging truck have been implemented.

The assessment and controls do not need to be reviewed by a Director of Inspection prior to being implemented. If an officer inspects a work site and considers the assessment or controls insufficient, then the assessment and controls may need to be reviewed by a Director of Inspection. A Director of Inspection is a member of the professional staff of Alberta Human Services, appointed by the Minister under section 5 of the OHS Act.

To be acceptable, the hazard assessment must address each of the following topics:

(a) weight monitoring;
(b) speed monitoring and control;
(c) route control and communications;
(d) signage;
(e) driver management;
(f) truck and trailer mechanical inspection;
(g) truck and trailer maintenance;
(h) any other factors affecting safety.

The controls used must be based on the outcome of the hazard assessment and must ensure that workers are safe.

The Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) has developed a Log Truck Hazard Assessment Checklist to help its members with this process. Non-members can purchase the checklist by contacting the AFPA. The AFPA’s website address is: http://www.albertaforestproducts.ca