OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 37 Oil and Gas Wells

Section 765 Trailer pipe rack

Subsection 765(1)

Pipe racks must be designed to support any load placed on them. They should be set level on a stable foundation but may slope front to back to facilitate laying down or picking up pipe. Pipe, tubular material or other round material must be prevented from rolling off. No worker must go between pipe racks and a load of pipe during loading, unloading and transferring operations.

Pipe should be loaded and unloaded, layer by layer, with the bottom layer pinned or blocked securely at all four corners of the pipe rack and each successive layer effectively chocked or blocked. Spaces should be used and evenly spaced between the layers of pipe or material on the rack. When pipe is being moved or transferred between pipe racks, truck and trailer, the temporary supports for skidding or rolling should be constructed, placed and anchored to support the load placed on them.

Subsection 765(2)

A catwalk is a footway giving access to the rig floor and should be at least 1.2 metres wide and cover the space between the pipe storage racks or trailers. It should be continuous from the derrick or from the lower end of the pipe ramp, connected to the derrick floor, to at least 2.4 metres beyond the outer end of the normal lengths of drill pipe to be handled on the catwalk.