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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 37 Oil and Gas Wells

Section 766 Drawworks

Subsection 766(1)

A drawworks on a drilling rig is an assembly of shafts, chains, pulleys, bells, clutches, catheads and/or other mechanical devices for hoisting, operating and handling the equipment used for drilling a well or servicing a producing well. The driller operates the drawworks at the driller’s console, with controls for brakes, clutches and a transmission (see Figure 37.5). One set of brakes at each end of the drum holds it stationary and sustains the weight of the travelling block, rotating equipment and drill string.

Figure 37.5 An example of a driller’s console

Subsection 766(2)

Workers must be constantly aware of rotating hazards. Work practices must be implemented to avoid contacting moving parts such as hoist cables and rotating drums.