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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 39 Tree Care Operations

Section 796 Knot exemption

Almost every aspect of tree climbing and tree work involves the use of a rope. To use the rope properly and safely, workers must know how to tie and set a variety of knots and sliding hitches. Sliding or friction hitches are used by workers to ascend and descend trees, and as a belay device. Sliding hitches act as a type of rope grab, sliding along a rope. Commonly used sliding hitches include Blake’s Hitch, the Taughtline Hitch, and a Prusik knot used with a Prusik sling.

Section 150.3 restricts the use of Prusik and similar sliding hitch knots to competent rescue or emergency services personnel, or in an emergency to a worker trained in its use and limitations. Reflecting the extent to which tree care activities rely on knots and ropes, and the fact that tree care workers are competent in the use of these knots, section 150.3 does not apply to tree care operations.