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Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 11 First Aid

Section 181 First aid providers

Subsection 181(1)

No explanation required.

Subsection 181(2)

See section 177.

Subsection 181(3) Location of first aid providers

This subsection requires the work site’s nurse, advanced first aider or E.M.T.-P to either be based at or near the first aid room (if such a room is required by this Part), or be easy to contact or notify if that person is away from the first aid room and their services are needed.

Subsections 181(4) and 181(5) Fit and clean

The work assigned to these first aid providers must not conflict with their duties and responsibilities to provide first aid. The work must also allow providers to remain fit and clean so they can administer first aid. A mechanic working on equipment 90 percent of the time would not always be fit and clean to administer first aid. It would be more appropriate to designate someone else as the first aider.

Subsection 181(6) Record of first aid providers

The employer is required to maintain a record of workers who are first aiders. This allows the employer to verify compliance with this Part by ensuring that the correct number of appropriately qualified first aiders are available at the work site. This record may also allow the employer to keep track of qualification expiry dates and those members of the workforce who are qualified first aiders but may not be working as first aiders.