OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 13 Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee

Sections 197 to 207 Committee operation

These Sections describe how a joint work site health and safety committee is created and is to operate. Some basic rules of the committee are:

(a) Membership (section 197)
Subsections 31(3) of the OHS Act states that the number of employer representatives on the committee must not exceed the number of worker representatives. The number of members required is

  • Worker representatives 2-6 members
  • Employer representatives 1-6 members

(b) Committee co-chairs (section 201)
The committee must have 2 co-chairs. Worker members must select one co-chair from among themselves. Employer members must select one co-chair from among themselves.

(c) Meetings (section 203)
Committee meetings must take place at least once in each calendar month.

(d) Quorum (section 204)
To be able to hold an official meeting, one-half of the committee’s members must be present at the meeting. Of the members attending the meeting,

(i) both worker and employer members must be present, and
(ii) at least one-half of those present must be worker members.

(d) Duty to inspect work site
The committee must perform inspections at the work site at least once before each regular committee meeting.