OHS Code Explanation Guide

Published Date: July 01, 2009
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Part 6 Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices

Section 60 Not comercially manufactured

Any lifting device must be either commercially manufactured or certified by a professional engineer as fit and safe for use. The certification must be in writing and bear the professional seal and signature of the certifying engineer as required by section 14 of the OHS Code.

In general, a commercially manufactured product has the following qualities

(a) it is designed and built to some standard or generally accepted engineering principles that make it safe for use;
(b) it is designed and built by person(s) with the skill or competence to be able to make the product safe;
(c) it is produced with the intention of being generally available to anyone who wants to buy it – normally there is an exchange of money;
(d) it is normally supported by the manufacturer with a warranty, guarantee, and product support; and
(e) liability and safety issues related to its use have been addressed by the manufacturer.

It is implied by the OHS Code, that a product that is “commercially manufactured” is “safe” because it has been produced by a “manufacturer” that has the skills and competencies to do so.