Workplace Legislation Review

Workplace Legislation Review


Alberta has some of the oldest workplace legislation in Canada. Both the Employment Standards Code and Labour Relations Code have not been significantly updated in almost 30 years. The nature of work and family life has changed a lot since then.

A review was needed to ensure Alberta has fair, modern and family-friendly workplaces that support a growing economy. Albertans should be able to go to work and contribute to our economy while still being able to take care for themselves and their families.

Feedback period closed

Albertans provided feedback to Employment Standards Code review from March 13 to April 18, 2017.

Thank you to the nearly 5,000 Albertans who took the online survey and to those who sent in nearly 400 written submissions. Alberta Labour also held consultation sessions in Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Calgary to gather input from a range of stakeholders that included community and social groups, employers and employer groups, labour organizations, academics, and municipalities.

All feedback is currently being reviewed and will be considered as government decides its next steps. Please check back for updates.

Modified: 2017-04-25
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