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Employment Standards News and Updates:

Alberta’s minimum wage increases to $10.20 September 1

Minimum wage earners in Alberta will get a raise September 1 when the province’s two minimum wage rates increase to keep pace with rising provincial incomes and the cost of living.

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May 28, 2014

Working on a General Holiday?

There are nine official general holidays (statutory holidays) in Alberta. Specific rules apply to anyone working on a recognized General Holiday.

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January 2, 2014

Series of short videos features employment standards basics

This new series is based on the Employment Standards Tool Kit for Employers, which was introduced in 2011.

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June 19, 2012

Web page lists employers that have not paid employees properly

This online service displays the names of approximately 1,700 employers with a combined 3,500 unsatisfied claims for earnings totaling over $14 million.

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June 19, 2012

Albertans can now sign up for free local workshops using online registration system

Dates and locations of courses held across the province will be posted on website.

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June 19, 2012

Education and Promotion

Educational materials, public awareness campaigns and interactive web-based programs to give Albertans a better understanding of their rights and obligations under the Employment Standards Code.

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Legislation and Enforcement

Employment Standards are set out in the Employment Standards Code and Regulation. These standards are enforced by Employment Standards Officers.

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Guides, brochures, posters and other materials to help employers, employees and others understand their workplace rights and responsibilities.

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Employment Standards Frequently Asked Questions

Show Answer What are Alberta’s minimum employment standards?

The minimum standards of employment are set out in Alberta’s employment standards legislation. All Alberta employers are expected to fully comply with them. Some of the standards include minimum wage, overtime, and maternity and parental leave. For more information, see Standards and Definitions.

Show Answer Who is Subject to Alberta’s minimum standards?

Nearly all employers and employees in Alberta are subject to the standards in the Employment Standards Code and the Employment Standards Regulation.

The exceptions are employers and employees who fall under federal legislation, including employees of the federal government or those in industries such as banking, interprovincial trucking or radio and television. For more information, see Federal Employment Standards.

As well, certain minimum standards do not apply to farm or ranch employers engaged in certain listed primary production, or a primary agricultural employer that produces cultured fish. Exempted from certain minimum standards are those who employ:

  • ambulance attendants,
  • caregivers,
  • construction industry employees,
  • oilwell servicing industry employees,
  • taxi cab industry employees,
  • trucking industry employees, and
  • others listed in the Regulation.

To learn more, please see Employment Standards Regulation.

Show Answer How do I file a complaint with Employment Standards?

If you have concerns about pay, hours of work, vacation and similar matters, you may file a complaint with Employment Standards. If you have not been able to resolve the situation yourself, you can complete an online complaint form and submit it electronically to Employment Standards at any time.

For more information, see Filing a Complaint with Employment Standards and Complaint Resolution Process Fact Sheet.

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