Minimum Wage

Most Alberta employers must pay their employees, including students and youth, at least the minimum wage. The minimum wage in Alberta is set out in the Employment Standards Regulation and is as follows:

  • an hourly minimum wage of $10.20 for most employees;
  • an hourly minimum wage of $9.20 for employees serving liquor as part of their regular job;
  • a weekly minimum wage of $406 for many salespersons, including land agents and certain professionals; and
  • a monthly minimum wage of $1,937 for domestic employees.

However, certain categories of employees are exempt from the minimum wage requirement in the Regulation.

To learn more, see the Minimum Wage Fact Sheet or the Employment Standards Regulation or the Order in Council.

Comparison of minimum wages in Canada; and comparison of provincial minimum wages after taxes. Note: these comparisons were accurate on the date of publication, however they are subject to change.

2013-14 Alberta Minimum Wage Profile.

You may also contact the Employment Standards Contact Centre at 1‑877‑427‑3731 or (dial 780‑427‑3731 in Edmonton and surrounding areas).

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