Video Basics

Video Basics

This series of short videos, based on the Tool Kit for Employers, features basic rules for employment standards in Alberta workplaces.

New employment standards will come into effect on January 1, 2018. This page gives information on legislation in force until December 31, 2017. For information on new Employment Standards legislation, go to

These videos were developed by the Government of Alberta to help business owners and their employees understand and comply with the Employment Standards Code and Regulation.

The information in these videos is presented in 10 Modules. Each module has a series of short video segments with information on specific topics.

Module 1: Alberta Employment Standards Overview

Module 2: Employment Records and Statement of Earnings

Module 3: Hours of Work and Rest

Module 4: Overtime and Overtime Pay

Module 5: General Holidays and General Holiday Pay

Module 6: Vacation and Vacation Pay

Module 7: Maternity, Parental, and Reservist Leave

Module 8: Termination of Employment

Module 9: Adolescents and Young Persons

Module 10: The Employment Standards Process

Following the Code is your responsibility and these videos are designed to help you do that.

Each video module has a series of related documents included as resources to assist business owners in meeting, or exceeding the minimum standards set out under Employment Standards legislation.

It is important to note that the information presented in these videos is not a definitive guide to the legislation and does not exempt users from their responsibilities under the Employment Standards Code and Regulation. In case of inconsistencies between this resource and the Employment Standards legislation, the legislation will always prevail. Please see Alberta Employment Standards legislation for more information.

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