Employer Toolkit

Employer Toolkit

We provide the tools. You choose how to apply them.

Establishing the right environment for business to succeed includes developing publications and websites that may be of assistance to you, then making them easily accessible and available to employers who want to continue building their companies and industries. A major portion of this means attracting, training and retaining the right people.


Download this brochure to get an overview of all the People, Services and Resources for Employers.

Inform. Attract. Develop. Retain.

This Toolkit contains a comprehensive listing of the information and services available to you. It is divided into sections based on the kind of help you’re looking for, with brief summaries of each items or program provided.

  • Inform – Contains information such as occupational supply and demand data, industry profiles, and labour market statistics.
  • Attract – Focuses on bringing new employees into the Alberta labour force, including resources on topics such as recruitment strategies, immigration and information directed at tapping into underutilized labour market groups.
  • Develop – Concentrates on ways to enhance and upgrade the skills of your current employees, including information such as available educational and apprenticeship programs.
  • Retain – Provides strategies and methods to help keep your current workers engaged, satisfied and willing to stay. Materials include how to keep safe and healthy workplace environments, creating more flexible work arrangements, ideas on delaying the retirement of valuable, highly skilled employees and more.

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Access the resources listed in this Toolkit by clicking on the image or going to the links provided. You can also order resources by contacting the Career Information Hotline at:

780‑422‑4266 (in Edmonton)
Toll free: 1‑800‑661‑3753 or
via email:

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