Labour mobility resources

Labour mobility resources

Find Alberta labour mobility survey reports and other information for workers, regulators and employers.

Alberta Labour Mobility Survey Report

This annual report provides a snapshot of the domestic labour mobility rates of certified workers to Alberta. Our labour force receives significant numbers of certified workers from other provinces and territories who apply for registration to work in Alberta.

The survey data used in this report supports and informs labour force planning across a number of government ministries, industry and other partners.

Information for Alberta regulatory authorities

Alberta is currently party to 2 domestic trade agreements:

  • British Columbia-Alberta-Saskatchewan-Manitoba New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA)
  • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) – the federal government along with all provincial and territorial governments

Labour mobility provisions of both domestic trade agreements specify Alberta’s labour mobility obligations for the transfer of certified workers across provincial or territorial lines. Regulatory authorities through their certification of out of province workers, play a pivotal role in facilitating the movement and registration/certification of workers to Alberta.

Governments that signed the NWPTA and the CFTA are also required to notify each other of anticipated changes to legislation that may affect labour mobility. This could include:

  • changes to scopes of practice
  • regulating a new occupation
  • creating a new membership category

Alberta regulatory authorities seeking information regarding their labour mobility obligations should contact the Alberta Labour Mobility Unit.

Alberta Labour Mobility Coordinator

The Coordinator (as part of the Domestic and International Labour Mobility Unit) can help regulatory authorities by:

  • assisting with the process for reconciling occupational standards to the extent possible and where practical
  • facilitating government-to-government conversations to prevent or resolve labour mobility issues
  • giving presentations and advice on labour mobility to help regulators understand their labour mobility obligations


Information for Alberta employers

Labour mobility allows Canadian certified workers in regulated occupations to enter the Alberta labour market quickly because they do not require further training or testing. For employers, labour mobility provides a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Employers should ensure that the workers in regulated occupations they hire are certified in Alberta by a regulatory body to comply with standards specified in legislation (acts and regulations).

If you’re an Alberta employer with labour mobility concerns please contact the Alberta Labour Mobility Unit.

For more information

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