Land agents licensing

Land agents licensing

A person must be a licensed land agent to negotiate with a landowner for certain surface or right of way agreements in Alberta. Typically these agreements are for drilling and mining operations, laying of pipelines, construction of power lines and the construction of roads.

Land agents are licensed and regulated under the Land Agents Licensing Act. The Act also provides for the establishment of an advisory committee, setting controls over negotiations, dealing with complaints about land agents and the exemption of certain people from the application of the Act. The administration and control of the Act is under the department of Alberta Labour.

The Land Agents Licensing Act has one regulation – the Land Agents Licensing Regulation. The Land Agents Licensing Regulation outlines the requirements to obtain a licence, sets standards of conduct for land agents to follow, and establishes certain procedures that must be followed when negotiating for an interest in land.

Update for online payment of fees

The online payment gateway for Land Agents Licensing fees has moved to a new payment system called MyAlberta eServices.

Applicants will continue to mail in their application forms, with fees being paid by either cheque, cash or online. The online methods of payment now include more credit card merchants as well as allowing for Interac Online transactions.

Please see Pay Fees for further information.

Modified: 2018-12-05
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