Short Term Employment Forecast

Short Term Employment Forecast

The Short-Term Employment Forecast (STEF) provides a three-year overview of occupations expected to be in-demand during that period.

This forecast can be used by a variety of organizations, governments, businesses and the general public to learn about where there are expected to be more jobs available.

This forecast helps bridge the gap between what is happening now in Alberta’s economy and the government’s 10-year, long-term labour forecast, the Occupational Demand and Supply Outlook 2015-2025. The long-term forecast examines which occupations are expected to grow and also the growth in the supply of labour.

The STEF does not show potential labour shortages; it only examines occupations expected to be in demand. This is the sixth year in a row government has released this short-term forecast.

This forecast examines over 450 occupations and ranks them in categories of high, moderately high, medium, and low demand. The goal is to provide a forecast considered more immediate than existing long-range forecasts. It’s an effective tool for a variety of stakeholders and government to assist in labour force planning.

Alberta Short-Term Employment Forecast 2017-2019

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