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Workplace injury rates hit an all-time recorded low

The latest statistics show a 20-year trend of improved workplace safety.

July 16, 2014

Working in the heat without taking precautions is not cool

While many Albertans are enjoying the hot summer weather, those who work in the heat should take precautions to avoid health risks.

July 8, 2014

Albertans invited to test knowledge on various OHS topics!

The Government of Alberta has created an interactive way for Albertans to learn how to better identify hazards on the job and how to control them. New this year, Albertans can compete with their friends to see who can earn the most badges to share on Facebook!

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May 30, 2014

Work Safe Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Awards Winners

The Work Safe Alberta Awards recognize excellence in the field of occupational health and safety. Congratulations to Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services Inc. for Innovation and to Mr. Lee Nichols, M.Sc., P.Geol, P.Eng for Individual Achievement.

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Alberta encouraging employers and workers to ‘Work Right’

Work Right campaign aims to encourage safe, fair and healthy workplaces throughout the province.

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May 12, 2014

OHS employer data more transparent than ever before

The Government of Alberta has improved its employer records website, making it easier for Albertans to find the safety information they need.

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April 29, 2014

Work Safe Alberta Student Video Competition Winners

The winners for the 2014 Work Safe Alberta Student Video Competition have been chosen! Congratulations to the winners.

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April 22, 2014

Alberta’s first Occupational Health and Safety peace officers graduate from new training

New peace officer status gives Occupational Health and Safety officers greater authority to ensure employers and workers are following the rules that make workplaces safer. [Audio]

March 27, 2014

OHS focused inspection shows improved performance at ski hills

Minister Lukaszuk released a report showing how Alberta ski hills have set the example for improving workplace health and safety systems

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March 8, 2014

Ticketing and Administrative Penalties

New compliance enforcement measures will come into force October 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014.

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September 10, 2013

Work Safe Alberta

Work Safe Alberta is a government-led initiative in consultation with industry and labour to reduce work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

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Occupational Health and Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Show Answer How do I report an incident?

If a serious incident happens or almost happens, you can notify the Occupational Health and Safety Contact Centre by calling 1-866-415-8690. 

Serious incidents, as defined under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, must be reported.  Once reported, an occupational health and safety officer may look into the incident.  This notification is separate from any notification you are required to give to the Workers' Compensation Board or police.  You are also required to carry out your own investigation of the incident and make your report available to an occupational health and safety officer upon request. 

To learn more about incident reporting and investigation, refer to the Occupational Health and Safety Bulletin: Reporting and Investigating Injuries and Incidents.

Show Answer How do I get a Certificate of Recognition (COR)?

A Certificate of Recognition is awarded through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction program to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards. Certificates are issued by Alberta Employment and Immigration and are co-signed by Certifying Partners. Contact a Certifying Partner to get started.

Show Answer What should I do if I have a health and safety concern at my workplace?

The Occupational Health and Safety Contact Centre is available to answer your questions and provide any additional information that you may need.  The Contact Centre can be reached by calling 1‑866‑415‑8690.

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Contact Occupational Health and Safety

Call or email the OHS Contact Centre for general information, to order publications, file a complaint or report an incident.

  • 1‑866‑415‑8690 (toll free)
  • 780‑415‑8690 in Edmonton

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Occupational Health and Safety Council

The OHS Council is an administrative body, which operates arms length from government. The Council advises the Minister on OHS matters and serves as an appeal body for orders issued by Occupational Health and Safety.

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