Asbestos worker training

Asbestos worker training

Before they handle asbestos in a restricted area, workers in Alberta must complete government-approved training to get an asbestos worker card.


What’s important to know

Alberta’s OHS Code requires that:


Restricted areas

All workers in Alberta who must enter a restricted area must successfully complete the asbestos worker course.

A restricted area is defined as an area of a work site where there is a reasonable chance that the airborne concentration of asbestos, silica, coal dust or lead exceeds or may exceed the occupational exposure limit for one or more of the substances.

Non-restricted areas

Workers working with asbestos in non-restricted areas must be trained in accordance with Section 15 of the Regulation and Section 37 of the Code. This training doesn’t have to be provided by one of the approved agencies listed below.

Certification term

Asbestos worker cards expire 3 years from the date of issue.

Course description

Government-approved agencies provide asbestos worker training and issue asbestos worker cards. These agencies offer various courses on OHS safety for the asbestos worker. Each course must have the required health and safety content as described in the Asbestos Course Guidelines (PDF, 202 KB)

Workers are encouraged to discuss each course offered by the agency, and to ask about the length, price, hours of instruction, and materials each trainee will receive.

How agencies become accredited

Employers wishing to be an approved training agency must apply in writing. Application instructions are included in Asbestos Course Guidelines (PDF, 202 KB)

Agency login for Asbestos Worker Course Exam

Online access to the Asbestos Worker Course Exam – for accredited training agencies only.

Asbestos Worker Course Exam

Approved training agencies



Alberta Safety & Environmental Services Ltd.
John MacDonald, Principal
Telephone: 1‑877‑520‑0963
Fax: 403‑475‑0971

AMEC Earth & Environmental
Keith Lawson, Occupational H&S Specialist
Telephone: 403-248-4331
Fax: 403‑248‑2188

Aurora Abatement Technicians Ltd. (Aurora Staffing Ltd/EHS Partnerships)
Glyn Jones, Principal
Telephone: 403‑243‑0700
Fax: 403‑243‑0760

DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd.
Dennis French, President
Telephone: 403‑229‑3131
Fax: 403‑245‑3224

Golder Associates Ltd.
Kara Snelling
Telephone: 403‑206‑4829
Cell: 403‑477‑1642
Fax: 403‑299‑5606

Industrial Safety International (iSi) Inc.
Ponnachan Joseph, Principal Hygienist
Telephone: 403‑280‑2888
Toll Free: 1‑888‑689‑2886
Fax: 403‑203‑2881

Pinchin West Ltd.
(formerly PHH ARC Environmental Ltd.)
Eric St. Hilaire
Telephone: 403‑723‑2617
Fax: 403‑291‑0612

Quantum Murray LP
Jeremy Robinson, Regional EH&S Manager
Telephone: 403‑203‑0531
Fax: 403‑720‑4163

Shortgrass Property Services Inc.
Patrick Windle, President
Telephone: 403‑265‑1700
Home Office: 403‑242‑7702
Fax: 403‑233‑9145

Western Health & Safety
Don Fillion, Principal
Telephone: 403‑241‑6889
Cellular: 403‑835‑7872
Fax: 403‑241‑5688

Western Site Technologies
Donald Blair
Telephone: 403‑874-5099


Alberta Labourers’ Training Trust Fund
Bernie Kowalewski
Telephone: 780‑475‑0963
Fax: 780‑423‑7724

AMEC Earth & Environmental
Keith Lawson, Occupational H&S Specialist
Telephone: 403-248-4331
Fax: 403‑248‑2188

Aluma Systems
Neil Nilson, Insulation Contracts Manager
Telephone: 780‑440‑1320
Fax: 780‑440‑2535

Aurora Abatement Technicians Ltd.
(Aurora Staffing Ltd/EHS Partnerships)
Glyn Jones, Principal
Telephone: 780‑403-243-0700
Fax: 403-243-0760

Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd.
(formerly G-Com Consulting)
Vic Godbout
Telephone: 780‑488‑2325

DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd.
Jeff Wright
Telephone: 780‑468‑3131
Fax: 780‑468‑3224

Golder Associates Ltd.
Richard Mathieson
Telephone: 780‑483‑3499
Fax: 780‑483‑1574

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Patricia Campus)
Fred Savoie, Instructor
Telephone: 780‑453‑5423
Fax: 780‑453‑5405

Nucor Environmental Solutions Ltd.
Suite 101, 17229-109 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5S 1H7
Audra Bruneski | Jason Williams
Telephone: 780‑481‑1461

Pinchin West Ltd.
(formerly PHH ARC Environmental Ltd.)
Chris Taylor, Vice President
Telephone: 780‑425‑6600, ext 285
Fax: 780‑425‑5126

Safety Coordination Services
Ted Letourneau, Group Lead, Industrial Hygience
Telephone: 780‑485‑3585
Fax: 780‑485‑3595

Western Site Technologies
Courtney Ziegler
Telephone: 780‑868-6913

Fort McMurray

Golder Associates Ltd.
Richard Wegener, Manager, Environmental Health & Safety Training Services
Telephone: 403‑260‑2278
Fax: 403‑299‑5606

Former Agencies

  • Ceda Reactor
  • United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
  • Construction and General Workers’ Training Trust Fund of Edmonton
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
  • RH Services Inc.
  • Northern Industrial Insulation Contractors Inc.
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