eLearning programs

eLearning programs

These online, interactive learning programs help you gain awareness and knowledge in workplace health and safety.

Selected programs are available for off-line use. Download the files or order as CDs.

OHS Laws

Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness eLearning Program
Guides employers and workers through the OHS Act, Regulation and Code. Learners will become familiar with relevant parts of the legislation.


Backs and Bums: Applying Basic Ergonomics
Presents basic ergonomics concepts. Discusses ergonomics issues relating to sitting and standing work stations, and loads lifting and handling.

Hazard Assessment and Control
Introduces employers and workers to the process for identification, assessment and control of hazards in the workplace.

Recognizing Workplace Hazards – See it Again for the First Time
Helps Alberta workers and employers recognize, identify and control health and safety hazards in the workplace. To complement the eLearning program, a Hazard Assessment Tool has been developed.

Download the RWH Tool: This Hazard Assessment Tool is designed to help employers and organizations insert their own photographs of their specific workplace or worksite locations with questions for workers to review. It includes both an ‘editor’ to add and manipulate photos, and a ‘release’ portion as the program tool. When you click the link, the program will download as a .zip file that will need to be extracted for use on your computer. The ‘editor’ can be accessed by running ‘HazardEditor.exe’ in the ‘editor’ folder of the extracted files. The ‘releases’ folder contains both of the release versions and the images and data created with the editor.

Hazard Assessment for Driving
Compliments the hazard assessment section of the Driving for Work: Developing Safe Practices for Employers and Workers document.

Noise and Hearing Protection
Noise is a common workplace hazard. Learn about how noise can affect you and what you can do to manage noise at the workplace.

Shiftwork and Fatigue
Discusses the effects of shift work. Offers tips for workers and workplaces to help handle the impact of shift work.

Working at Heights
Discusses the laws that apply to fall protection in Alberta, identification and controlling of fall hazards, and components of fall protection systems.

Working Safely on Ice
This eLearning module contains excerpts from a program held under copyright and licensed by A&E Television Networks. A Best Practice Manual and Field Guide accompanies this eLearning module.

Best Practices

Basic Health and Safety
Basic information about making a workplace safe and healthy. Includes practical tools that can help you follow the health and safety laws in Alberta.

Fun Quizzes
Test your knowledge on various workplace health and safety topics. Learn how to better identify hazards on the job and how to control them. You can even compete with your friends to see who can earn the most badges to share on Facebook!

Health and Safety for New Workers
Entering the workforce? New to Canada? Need health and safety instruction? My Health and Safety Questions follows a new worker as he begins his new job. Come learn with him.

Health and Safety Management Systems
Examines the basic elements of an effective health and safety management system for the workplace.

Incident Investigation
Introduces employers and workers to the steps of investigating workplace incidents.

Occupational Health and Safety for Healthcare Workers
Basic principles of occupational health and safety in the healthcare industry and the requirements of OHS legislation. It is designed to help workers identify workplace hazards and understand and promote best practices.

Workplace Health and Safety for Schools
Provides basic information about workplace health and safety measures that can be applied to any school setting.

System Requirements

These programs require Adobe Flash Player (version 10.1). Minimum recommended user system:

  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7, 1-GHz (gigahertz) processor
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

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