Incident Notice 2014-24

Incident Notice 2014-24

Type: Fatality

Industry: Heating systems, Fab/Install

Incident Summary:

A worker, while working alone, was using a vertical fixed ladder to access a second story roof to service a heating unit. The worker was later found deceased on the ground near the base of the ladder.

Safety Reminders:

  • Fixed ladders installed on or after April 30, 2004 meet the requirements of the PIP Standard STF5501, Fixed Ladders and Cages (Feb. 2002), published by the Construction Industry Institute
  • Effective communication systems are in place for working alone which include regular contact at intervals appropriate to the nature of the hazard.

Safety Resources:

This incident notice is provided for information purposes only to notify industry of an occupational health and safety incident.  It has been issued as an educational resource with the goal of preventing similar incidents. The information contained in this notice is based upon preliminary information that has not been confirmed through investigation.  This notice should not be interpreted as identifying any contraventions of OHS legislation or as laying blame against any party.

Modified: 2015-06-03
PID: 15180

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