Incident Notice 2016-15

Incident Notice 2016-15

Type: Fall / Fatality

Industry: Mining and Petroleum Development

Incident Summary:

A group of workers was digging for clay. One worker was standing on the edge of an excavation made with a track hoe, the edge collapsed and a person fell into the excavation becoming partially buried. Two other workers entered the excavation to try and recover the partially buried person when a second collapse occurred. The first worker to fall was completely buried resulting in fatal injuries.

Safety Reminders:

  • Before work begins, assess the work site to identify existing or potential hazards.
  • If workers must access an excavation, ensure walls are secured by shoring, engineered stabilization methods, or cut back to protect the workers from soil cave-ins.
  • For trenches that are more than 1.5 metres deep, ensure that workers have a safe point of entering and exiting that is not more than 8 metres away.

Safety Resources:

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Modified: 2017-12-06
PID: 15763

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