Industry notices

Industry notices

Industry notices are posted online to notify industries of fatal workplace accidents in Alberta.

OHS issues notices after a fatality, to help industry prevent similar incidents. Industry notices are an educational resource; they don’t identify violations of OHS legislation or lay blame on a workplace.

Show Answer 2015 Industry notices

Date Industry
December 22 Vacuum Removal
December 18 Food/Convenience Stores
December 9 Oil/Sand Operations
December 7 Construction Trade Services
November 23 Machining
November 3 Oil Field Maintenance/Construction
October 23 Service Station
October 23 Mobile Equipment Operation
August 5 Steel/Metal Fabrication
June 8 Municipal Government
June 7 Gas Bars/Car Wash, Retail
May 1 Mobile Equipment Operation
April 28 Residential Construction
April 22 Mobile Equipment Operation
January 9 Residential Construction

Show Answer 2014 Industry notices

Date Industry
December 15 Logging, Woodland Operations
December 5 Oil Sands Operations
December 4 Roofing
December 2 Heavy Duty Mechanics
November 25 Mobile Equipment Operation
November 21 Industrial Coating Services
November 20 Demolition/Staffing agencies
November 18 Mobile Equipment Operation
November 10 Heating systems, Fab/Install
October 15 Towing Auto Vehicles
October 14 Drilling – Oil/Gas Wells
September 24 Heating systems, Fab/Install
September 16 Oilfield maintenance/construction
September 8 Mobile Equipment Operation
August 18 Meat Processing
August 1 Metal Fabrication
July 28 Gravel Crushing/Equipment Operation
July 19 Mobile Equipment Operation
July 11 Auto Dealers
July 4 Paving/Surface
June 6 Mobile Equipment Operation
June 2 Mining and Overburden Removal
May 7 Oil Sands Operations
April 20 Oil Sands Operations
April 2 Trucking Service – General
March 14 Mobile Equipment Operation
March 7 Tree pruning and landscaping
February 28 Food/Convenience stores
February 3 Sawmills/Planing mills
January 20 Industrial Plant Maintenance
January 19 Oil Sands Operations
January 3 Well Servicing with Service Rigs
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